Fortune Five Foundation

“Humanity is a Duty, not a Choice”

We help the needy to empower them. Through our food initiatives, Monthly ration to multiple families, Winter clothing drive, helping people in need, Sewing classes, mehandi classes and similar initiatives for women who can learn and start supporting their families via these small income generating skills. Through this initiative we are trying to help poor families, old aged people by providing them basic ration package which covers their monthly food needs. We are currently providing to to families in India and Asian subcontinent.

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Free Sewing and Mehendi classes to empower women

Through this initiative we are trying to help and empower women by making them learn this income generating skill, through which they can earn so that they can support their family with the financial needs. Till date we have empowered more than 200 women across India in cities of Maharashtra Barshi, Latur, Kalam


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